Give Your Kids (Age 3-5) the Gift of Music/Piano Lessons!

For years Amy Barris has been asked many many times “Do you teach 3 and 4 year olds how to play piano?” Until now, her answer has been, “let’s wait until they’re 5.”  And now I can finally say “YES. I DO.”

Amy is proud to now offer KiddyKeys Preschool Music Classes!

KiddyKeys is a modern, tested and proven to be an engaging encouraging approach to teaching piano skills and music concepts to preschool children.

KiddyKeys-Kids lovin music lessons

In addition to being a great pre-cursor to piano lessons, KiddyKeys increases a child’s basic reading skills, writing, math, factual knowledge skills, and composite scores by more than 20.4% – 65.7%.

At our music and piano school, we recognize that every child is a star, and our main goal is helping each child to see star quality in themselves and in the kids and others around them by teaching:

  • RHYTHM AND MOVEMENT exercises that develop small and large motor skills
  • RECOGNITION OF NOTES AND NOTE VALUES help students learn how to read music when they enter piano lessons
  • MEMORY SKILL BUILDING through repeated music terminology
  • COUNTING EXERCISES to help recognize numbers and develop math skills
  • CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT through sound composition and exploration Introduction to the music staff and piano keyboard
  • DEVELOPMENT OF VERBAL SKILLS through group interaction
  • REINFORCEMENT OF LISTENING SKILLS by discerning high and low, loud and soft sounds
  • IMPROVED HAND-EYE COORDINATION through hands-on experience with rhythm instruments and the keyboard
  • MUSIC STORY TIME focusing on composers, music terminology, and behavior
pre-school music lessons

The lessons will introduce the piano with many other instruments in an encouraging and positive environment leading to a lifelong enjoyment of music.

I would also like you to know, we do NOT expect practice time at home or that you even own a piano or keyboard.

Your preschool children learn through play and these lessons are designed to engage your child’s natural sense of creativity and fun.

Tiny Tots Piano thinks about your child as a whole and works to include important, age-appropriate life lessons (e.g., sharing, being polite, taking turns) in the classes.

Because children learn in many different ways, I’ll be presenting information in a variety of methods. I’ll aim to include activities for verbal, visual and kinesthetic learners.

>Session’s will run 6-weeks.<
>Each session will have a maximum of 6 students.<
>Each 30-40 minute class.<
> $90 per 6-week Session<

New Sessions Starting:
Wednesday, Feb 6th, 10:00 A.M. for 6 consecutive weeks.
Friday, Feb 15th, 1:00 P.M. for 6 consecutive weeks.

Tiny Tot Piano and music lessons will be in the comfort of my White Lake home music studio, just North of Dublin Elementary School.

Your child will gain musical skills and understanding, as well as develop basic cognitive, social, and motor skills necessary to succeed in school!

Musical fun will include learning finger numbers, musical terms, story time, coloring time and improv on the keyboard as we learn the musical alphabet in a fun way as a group.

Mom’s, Dad’s and Grandparent’s are welcome to stay, however it isn’t required.

Amy Barris has been successfully teaching private piano lessons for 25 years and continues guiding students to reach their fullest musical potential.

Please call or email now and reserve your childs Fun Tiny Tot Piano classes,

Private lessons ages 5 and up available throughout the year.

Thank you,
Amy Barris – 248-762-9918

Kids Love learning the piano and music